If great minds think alike, then more than 100 of Greater Omaha’s CEOs who completed this year’s Economic Outlook survey are on the same page, reporting their companies did as well in 2017 as in 2016.

The annual survey, which measures CEOs’ perceptions, also showed most CEOs felt their company performance in 2017 was on par with 2016 (relative to capital investment and employment), with respondents further reporting increased sales revenue in 2017.

As for the future, CEOs expect 2018 to be an even stronger year than 2017, and reported anticipating hiring more employees and increasing revenue.

The survey group also indicated they expect to increase both employment and sales revenue in 2018, while slightly more than half of all CEOs project capital investment to stay consistent in 2018, with almost one-third expecting a higher investment.

Nearly half of CEOs who participated in this year’s survey reported anticipating their company would grow faster than the national pace in 2018. However, the majority felt their organization would grow on pace with Nebraska, Iowa, the Omaha Metro and companies within the same industry.

To view the complete report of these findings, visit http://2myq.gudrunmeyer.com/economic-outlook/.